Follow-up Emails Sucking Up All Your Free Time?

The 9 Second Follow-Up

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Send FAST Emails without Losing The Personal Touch


How The 9 Second Follow Up Should Be Used?

You went, shook hands, engaged in exciting conversations and passed cards – now the long hours of follow-up.  And this step is SO CRUCIAL but its sucking the life-blood from you.  Now you can have a lineup of personalized post-networking messages!

You love learning about what other professionals do for a living and you also enjoy building networks by connecting them to each other.  You probably have a handful of impressive individuals for whom you like to make introductions.  Still sifting through old emails to find the last time you wrote a short bio on them to make the introduction?  Now you can convert these emails into 9 Second Follow Up messages and impress your network with your speedy intros!

Every good sales rep has a lineup of great email templates for each occasion!  You have an email to secure the first meeting with your prospect, one for post-meeting follow-up that includes more information and helpful website links, one for those “long time no hear from” follow up messages – the list goes on!  Save yourself some time and tie these into your streamlined messaging process!

You and your company hold routine events that you continually bring up in conversation when networking – why not have an email set to go out that includes “Here’s the link to the awesome event that I mentioned during our conversation – would love to see you there!”

$297 Set Up
3 Customized Follow-Up Message Options
Ongoing Email Edit & Coding Support
One Monthly New Customized Follow-Up Message
Outlook & Gmail Compatibility
Easy to Use Input Form
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$497 Set Up
5+ Customized Follow-up Message Options
Ongoing Email Edit & Coding Support
Monthly One New Customized Follow-up Message
Outlook & Gmail Compatibility
Mobile App Card Scanner
CRM User Access
Recent Activity Dashboard
Email Engagement Analytics & Reporting
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