3 Myths About Marketing

If you are a marketing professional, you may have seen and heard everything by now. But how do you sort through what is true and what is a myth.  It can be tricky.  Here are 3 myths about marketing that we would like to debunk:


1.) “If the marketing is good enough, the results will be rapid.”

marketingI have constantly met people with this attitude and it shocks me every time how ingrained this philosophy is.  It is true that strong marketing efforts will (and should!) correlate to increased profits, but this will not happen overnight.

You have heard the saying “slow and steady wins the race”?  Well, that’s how marketing works as well.  You need to start with good research and lay down a well-thought-out strategy.  But after that it takes discipline and habitual implementation of that strategy on a daily basis.  Our suggestion: 1) consult market experts and then 2) get someone to hold you accountable and to help you put those strategies in action on a consistent basis.


2.) “Marketing is easily a Do-It-Yourself task”untitled

Business owners already have to juggle a lot of different hats when growing their company.  Marketing is something you need to focus your constant attention on everyday.  You need a dedicated marketing team to stay attentive to market changes and to continue to push your business toward the direction of growth.

If you don’t have the internal man power to devote to all your marketing efforts, then examine your budget and look to outsource to a marketing firm.  You’ll be surprised to find that for less than the average yearly salary of hiring an internal marketing director, you can outsource all your marketing needs.  You’ll now have an entire firm of marketing experts that is working tirelessly to expand your business at every waking hour.  Talk about multiplying your efforts!


3.) NoMarketing-294x300If I do some marketing, that’s better than none at all.”

If you want to be the best at what you do, you have to constantly work at your craft, right?  What if you want to learn to play the violin?  Do you pick it up and try to play once in a while?  This of course will only lead to shame and failure.

The same applies to marketing.  You cannot treat it as something you do once in awhile – at least if you want your marketing efforts to produce results.

So in reality, doing only some marketing once in awhile can actually hurt your business.  You are putting yourself out there and others can see that you are not putting much efforts in your work.


If this article inspired you to stop believing these myths, then we did our job!  If you would like to turn around your marketing today and start moving your business in the right direction, contact our expert team at 202-573-9355.


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