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Only 2% of cold calls result in appointments – if you’re a salesperson and you still rely on traditional cold calling and emailing  the vast majority of your time is wasted. It’s time to stop throwing your time out the window, and start conversations on your terms. Wexler Consulting Group is providing a simple, cost-effective, and insanely efficient way to do this.

As a veteran salesperson myself, I understand the difficulty of starting a conversation with someone who knows nothing about you or your business. That’s what drove me to find a better way. In the B2B marketplace, the best tool for a salesperson for finding and contacting prospects is almost always LinkedIn. I’ve been using LinkedIn effectively for years – in fact, 75% of my clients are a result of connections from LinkedIn. This platforms allows you to not only get more information about your prospects, but allows them to do their research on you as well. Now this is great, but reaching out to someone cold on LinkedIn is only marginally better than a cold call or cold email. What if there was a way to get you prospects to notice you first? Now there is.

You see, people aren’t all that complicated – everyone loves to focus on themselves. It’s simple human nature. This means that on Linkedin, they are always looking for who is looking at them – it’s the second most viewed page on the site, behind only the homepage! What Linkboost does is get you on the top of that page. Now your prospect isn’t seeing you as someone who has reached out, out of the blue, to try to sell them something – you’re someone who has taken an interest in them. Natural curiosity drives them to go find out who is this person that is looking at them and reading about them. Frequently, these people will be intrigued by your profile, and may even see that you offer solutions to problems that they are facing (what a coincidence!). They then take the first step, and reach out to you first. How great would it be to start your sales conversations with “Hi, thanks for connecting with me…..” as opposed to your usual plea for them not to hang up immediately? And even if they don’t connect with you, you are no longer an unknown – after all, they still viewed your profile! Those conversations can still begin with “Hi, I saw you viewed my profile and wanted to reach out to see….”. Still pretty great, huh?

So you may be thinking this sounds a little far-fetched. I mean, how can it possibly be that simple. Well, we figured that after spending hours and hours trying to get a single conversation going throughout your career, you would think that, so we did a little test case for you. We took an amazing partner of ours, Cynthia DeLorenzi, the CEO of Success In The City, and ran Linkboost on her profile for just 1 weekthe results are incredible. The visits to her profile were at 14 the week before we ran the test. The week of the test – 130 views. One Hundred and Thirty. For those crazy people who like numbers – that’s nearly a 1000% increase in one week. How about those magic connection requests mentioned above? 70. Seventy connection requests in a week.


Viewlink LinkedIn Prospecting Tool

Cynthia DeLorenziNow Cynthia is an amazing woman (you can read all about her here), and you may be thinking “I’m just not that interesting, I’m not going to get views like that. How about our data analyst, a young professional who hadn’t put a whole lot of time into his profile – he went from 1 view per week to 53. Number people? Yeah that’s 5,300%, according to math. So let’s take a little journey here. With LinkedIn premium, you can view about 800 profiles a day. Say you fall between Cynthia and Michael, our analyst, and hit about 90 profile view per week. Say 10% of those send you a connection request – that’s a lowball based off of our tests, but hey, we like to under-promise and over-deliver. That’s 9 prospects reaching out to you every week. That’s an additional 82 leads with whom you have an easy in to start a conversation that isn’t cold. Goodbye hours of cold calling. Hello sweet, sweet commissions. So check it out today, and grab your free trial. You won’t regret it.


P.S.: For more info, check out the live webinar we’re hosting on Thursday, July 28th! We’ll be going over Linkboost in detail plus a couple other ways to make your LinkedIn prospecting really start to get results.

LinkedIn Prospecting Webinar

Zeev Wexler

Zeev Wexler

Zeev Wexler is a modern day sales expert and the CEO of a prestigious and rapidly growing marketing firm in the DC Metro area. His quick climb to success began with owning his own successful business in the hospitality and public relations arena at the age of 16.

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