What Everyone Ought To Know About Certifications

So you’ve done everything right: you played by the rules, worked hard in school, earned your degrees and acquired some great experience in your endeavors. But the job market is a competitive, unforgiving beast to navigate, whether you’re looking to move up at your company, completely change careers or trying to jump start your career.

Today, more professionals are pursuing and earning additional certifications to aid them in battling the job market monster. Here are a few reasons why everyone should consider pursuing certificates.

It’s an excellent networking opportunity

When earning your certification–whether it’s through a traditional classroom, online or in meetings–you immediately plug into two new communities: professionals pursuing the certification, and professionals already certified.

This provides excellent networking opportunities as you immediately have something in common with other hopefuls and become a member of the “club” when you’re certified.

Certificates add muscle to your resume

Certificates can be the difference maker in the job hunt. When the competition is already stiff, a certification can put you at a great advantage during the interview process. It also helps get your foot through the door into something new. Many career changers turn to certifications to get themselves into a different occupation or industry.

It also establishes you as a continuous learner. Learning is a value unto itself, and employers are always looking for people who never want to stop learning.

They boost productivity & confidence throughout

Studies show that employees with professional certifications are better prepared to deal with day-to-day challenges and get the most out of new technologies. Their mere presence can easily improve the productivity of team projects.

Additionally, everyone gets a confidence boost. As employees gain new knowledge and skills, employers encouraging certifications show their employees that the company holds its staff to the highest standards, and leaves their customers comfortable to be in the hands of certified professionals.

So if you’re pushing for that promotion or looking to move higher elsewhere; or if you want to sharpen your skills to be a more efficient worker, or if you’re seeking more responsibility or more opportunity to kick more ass for your company, then consider earning additional certifications to boost your credibility, and learn other ways to maximize productivity at work and in your life.

Zeev Wexler

Zeev Wexler

Zeev Wexler is a modern day sales expert and the CEO of a prestigious and rapidly growing marketing firm in the DC Metro area. His quick climb to success began with owning his own successful business in the hospitality and public relations arena at the age of 16.

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