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Zeev Wexler - CEO Wexler Consulting Group

Zeev Wexler



Zeev Wexler is a modern day sales expert and the CEO of a prestigious and rapidly growing marketing firm in the DC Metro area. His quick climb to success began with owning his own successful business in the hospitality and public relations arena at the age of 16.

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Growing up, the norm for the Wexler household was a close-knit atmosphere with both family and international/world leaders.  From the very beginning Zeev was heavily influenced by his dynamic and charismatic father, inheriting his love for public speaking and his passion for inspiring others to pursue their biggest dreams.

Zeev’s dedicated role as a military leader steeped his character in discipline and trained him to perform his best even under the utmost pressures and threats of war.  Learning to persevere under heavy strain only added to and enhanced his natural talent to sell.

He has 20+ year of sales experience in direct sales, sales management, and sales force recruitment and training and extends to both the consumer and business arenas.  Zeev has achieved many successes and awards throughout his sales career and even attained the height of a Guinness Book World Record back in 2006.

Zeev is an avid community supporter and both local and foreign real estate investor.  He enjoys bringing the acumen of a hardened sales professional to small businesses, helping them to develop and implement effective and innovative inbound marketing and re-marketing strategies.  Zeev currently resides with his lovely wife and daughter in the DC metro area, and as the head of Wexler Consulting Group he passionately spends his time speaking and inspiring entrepreneurs to ultimate sales success.

Mike Bobrowski - Director of Operations Wexler Consulting Group

Mike Bobrowski

Director of Operations


Mike Bobrowski is a partner in two rapidly-growing businesses: Wexler Consulting Group and Linkboost. He is a certified marketing automation consultant and his talent for process is apparent in his knack for scaling businesses through well-thought-out and results-driven methods. One of his latest government-targeted lead nurturing programs for a local $400M government contractor generated over 200 hot leads in less than 3 months!

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Mike is a jack of all trades. As the Director of Operations at Wexler Consulting Group, he understands every aspect of digital projects: the strategy and purpose, what the projects will look like, and how they will be achieved with the budget on hand. He outlines every aspect of a project, ensures that every team member understands what their roles and tasks are, empowers the team with the technology to achieve streamlined results, and ultimately keeps the progress moving until completion.
Don’t forget his eye for design! At the young age of 17, he sold his first sculpture to a collector and has ever since been able to provide his team with respected insights and design critique.
Mike joined Wexler in mid-2014 from a background working in B2B sales, having previously achieved the Star Series Fireball and Top Quarter Performance awards for his sales performance. Mike spends his time actively engaging in sports and outdoor activities, volunteering in youth ministry and on the Young Executive Committee at the Tower Club, and can be found up to his elbows in automation marketing processes.

Monica Quintero - Development Partner Wexler Consulting Group

Monica Quintero

Vice President of Marketing


Monica Quintero is the Vice President of Marketing at Wexler Consulting Group. Her ability to open new markets for the company and further build on existing relationships has helped the company to continue to expand.

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She has quickly become our spark plug in outreach efforts through her unique ability to resonate with customers through her dynamic personality and extensive knowledge in customer relations and marketing endeavors. Monica earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Methodist College and graduated from with the honor of Magna Cum Laude.

Monica’s influence growing up was dominated by a strong entreprenurial spirit and will to achieve. Coming from a family of entreprenuers including her parents it was engrained into her the need for hard work and perseverance. This influence has helped to aspire Monica to create strategies for small businesses that helped to give them the tools to scale and grow to new heights. Monica served as the Coordinator for the Army Community Service’s in their Army Family Team Building program, and helped develop and train soldiers and civilians on 30 different topics such as leadership, mentoring and team building. Monica is the co-founder of I Am 3 which is an organization focused on empowering Latina women by helping to align their mind, body and spirit. They help provide the training and support to help them to become their best selves. Monica has focused on personal branding to help Latina woment to project their powerful inner image.


Bruce Coderre

Creative Director


Bruce Coderre is our Creative Director, as well as our main man for nonsense. He is the mastermind behind branding our clients and preparing everything that represents them, both visual and otherwise. He also leverages his expertise in strategy development and general consulting for our clients.

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Chon LaRocque

Senior IT Consultant

Chon’s technical expertise helps create, maintain, and protect the often large and complex infrastructure connecting the various pieces of modern marketing efforts. His work enables us to operate diverse efforts across different platforms, mediums, and geographies in a cohesive, centralized manner.


Jong Kim

Front End Developer

Jong Kim is the Front End Developer at Wexler Consulting Group. He designs websites and is involved in the technical and graphic aspects of web pages as well.


Alena Lisa

Jr. Designer

Alena Lisa is our Junior Designer at Wexler Consulting Group. Her work spans from creative brainstorming to photo and video editing, logo design, and preparing brand collaterals just to name a few.


Michael Gasvoda

Business Intelligence Analyst

Michael Gasvoda is the Business Intelligence Analyst at Wexler Consulting Group. He records, measures, and reports on the impact of all of our activities to maximize client ROI and campaign effectiveness.