About Wexler.

Wexler is an agency consultancy that is committed to combining strategic depth and creative fire that ignites brand acceleration. Seriously, we take no prisoners, because what we do for you is important, and we know it.

Planning & Strategy

In today’s modern economy and technological evolution, no single company is without risk of disruption. So we make sure to work closely with our clients to help them transform, reach goals, and prevent them from falling behind competition.

Branding & Design

With our imaginative and non-traditional approach, we recreate your brand and tell a story that not only people can remember, but also connect with and feel inspired by it.


Our decisions and strategies are data-driven, which is why we take pride in our SEO and PPC game plans. We tailor these plans to your organization’s specific needs so that you can be found and become more relevant in the digital world.

Web Design & Development

Along with your branding, your website should be beautiful, easy to navigate, and responsive. Luckily, our web development team knows how exactly to seamlessly join your branding and website into one elegant, functional design.

Social Media Planning & Advertising

The online world can be hard to keep up with, but with our online marketing experts, we make sure you are up to speed with the newest trends, innovations, and strategies so that you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

Marketing Automation

Time is money and we know that very well. To help you save time, get organized, and grow sales, we help you automate your marketing efforts so that you stay consistent and never stop pursuing your goals.

Passion leads to success

Our Work.

We believe our portfolio speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below and enjoy our work that is handmade with love for every detail.


Marketing Strategy

A necessity of any successful marketing campaign, we begin every project with in-depth discovery and research to build a detailed marketing plan. This crucial strategic planning prevents large-scale mistakes further down the line and ensures that each piece of the plan is executed with precise coordination for maximum effectiveness that translates into greater returns for your business.

Market Positioning

We assemble our research team and take a deep dive into your company. This in-depth look is geared to discover who you are, your unique selling point, and what is important to your customer.

S.W.O.T.T. Analysis

Our 30,000ft. view of your company’s market position specifically evaluates it’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats as well as crucial market Trends. Based on these results we will be able to recommend the right course of action.

Competitor Analysis

What are your competitors doing? Do you know? We will study them and find out what is working for them and what is not. Then we’ll formulate a plan on how to give you the edge.

Game Plan

The final step is to take all of our findings and recommend a course of action to exceed your marketing and revenue goals. The final phase of every plan is real-world market testing and adjustments.



Every industry is different, and our experienced staff has worked with most of them. This gives us a unique third-party perspective absent from most agencies.

Our consulting services pair well with our digital marketing, giving companies the necessary intelligence and the edge they need over their competition. Businesses need to be more agile and able to pivot to new practical perspectives and solutions. Our digital and data-driven marketing allows us to help our clients reach their goals while minimizing risk.


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